Cycling by
the Riverside

A generative, hand-painted, NFT collection by

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Cyclist James

A generative, hand-painted, NFT collection by

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Own 1 of 1000 beautiful scenes

Hand painted

Each asset used to generate a unique canvas was hand painted by Portchie himself.


We tailored a state of the art (no pun intended) scripts and smart contracts to generate each NFT uniquely. Meaning each of the multiple painted elements and their variations is given a chance to get selected through weighted random selection, and then precisely compiled according to rules that Portchie prescribed.

The Portchie genesis collection

Own Portchie's first ever generative canvas art, by being a proud minter of his genesis collection.

Cycling by the Riverside NFT SampleCycling by the Riverside NFT SampleCycling by the Riverside NFT Sample

Generating Unique Canvas Art

By means of algorithmic random composition, each mint will add the element of chance to birth unique moments, making up this groundbreaking collection of generative canvas art NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain using the ERC-1155 standard. The amount of variations makes it practically impossible for 2 NFT's to be the same.

The Landscape
Variations : 1000

The landscape fills up the NFT canvas and consists of sky, hills and flower beds. Generating the NFT selects a random combination of elements to generate a perfectly unique scene.

the landscapes used in Cycling by the Riverside NFT
The Trees
Variations : 18225

Beautiful trees can be seen on the horizon of each canvas. The amount of trees, their type and location are randomised to add to your NFT's unique setting.

the trees used in Cycling by the Riverside NFT
The Flowers
Variations : 4608

Portchie paintings are known for its colourful flowers, and arguably serves as one of the main identifiers. Each NFT is generated with a random selection of flowers that fill up the riverbank.

the flowers used in Cycling by the Riverside NFT
The Chickens
Variations : 1024

Hens and roosters are randomly selected, facing different directions and placed at different locations next to the riverbank. The more of them, the greater the rarity. Iconically, roosters can also be found on the back of some of the bicycles, and there's one particular rooster named Ernie that is super rare.

the chickens used in Cycling by the Riverside NFT
The Cyclists
Variations : 180 billion

The cyclists offer the largest selection of variability. The algorithm selects the amount of cyclists, the identity of each cyclists, their location, their bicycles, their hair and their outfits making it close to impossible for 2 NFT's in the collection to feature the same cyclist.

the cyclists used in Cycling by the Riverside NFT

What to expect

A colourful career

After selling more than 18 000 original canvas art paintings and more than 1 million prints globally, Portchie's art is well known and loved by many.

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a pink daisy from Cycling by the Riverside NFT
Launch of Cycling by the Riverside

The announcement and launch of Discord community for the collection.

a decorative blob
a pink daisy from Cycling by the Riverside NFT
July 2022
Ernie the Cock
Mint complete

Collection of 1000 NFTs minted out.

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a pink daisy from Cycling by the Riverside NFT
September 2022
Print your mint

Those that participated in the mint will be able to claim their prints.

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a pink daisy from Cycling by the Riverside NFT
October 2022
Ernie the Cock
Watch this space

We are working on more developments in the NFT space. Join us on Discord for more information!

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a pink daisy from Cycling by the Riverside NFT
Q1 2023
Q2 2023

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The Story

Cycling by the Riverside

"Cycling is an activity I hold dear to my heart for many reasons; it’s uncomplicated, all-embracing and everybody gets a chance to join in the fun. This scene is set for a beautiful moment in which we make the most of life as humans. My hope is that this collection will help us to remember and awaken this magical part of our being."




Frequent Questions

How do I buy a Portchie Cycling by the Riverside NFT?

Participate in our minting event 27 August 2022 or buy your favourite on post-mint on the OpenSea secondary marketplace.

Is my NFT’s value tied to the crypto markets ie the price of Ethereum?

No. You’re buying art. Ethereum is the tool hosting the art. Just like buying any other art, the owner can determine at which price they are willing to sell it at any given time.

How can I be guaranteed to get an NFT?

In order to gaurentee a mint, you need to be on the Whitelist. There are two ways to get on the whitelist. For a limited time, signing up for the newsletter will get you whitelisted. You can also get whitelisted by completing some of the tasks as issues on our Discord channel. Also be on the lookup for opportunities to get whitelisted on our social media.

I have never bought an NFT, nor have I ever bought any crypto, how can I still buy a Portchie Cycling by the Riverside NFT?

Join our mailing list by supplying your email address and we will reach out with instructions on how you can still participate.

Can I mint more than one NFT?

Yes you are allowed to mint 20 NFT's per transaction. You can also own multiple by buying the NFTs on the secondary market.

Once I buy an NFT, where and how do I sell it?

The Cycling by the Riverside collection can be traded on Opensea, a thriving secondary marketplace for NFT with over $3bn in trades per month.